How Mom’s Death Changed My Thinking About End-of-Life Care – ProPublica

I’ve experienced having to care for and participate in the decisions surrounding the last days of my Father-In-Law, and more distantly and quietly, my Mothers desire to live out her natural life at home with no care beyond being made comfortable and loved. These are hard, hurting moments, and the real passion to do whatever is necessary regardless of reality, from my rear-view mirror, is best addressed beforehand.

My parents made it easy for me. They wish simply to live out their existence peacefully. If it comes to having to be “kept” alive, the answer is flatly, no.  It’s still hard to live with.  But it’s better to be sitting and contemplating a life that ended as it began, versus having to relive or second-guess decisions made.

This piece primarily addresses the question of costs associated with prolonging life and how it impacts upon the Medicare/Medicaid system, but draws on the most intimate personal experiences while doing so.

SO worth the time to read.

How Mom’s Death Changed My Thinking About End-of-Life Care – ProPublica.