Greg Strong – September 13, 2013 at 12:05PM

We are on this earth not only to make for ourselves the best life possible, but to enrich others lives as well. It’s not acceptable to gather your treasure and leave others along the road. It’s just not. Our governments (and we the people) have a responsibility to feed each other, at the very least.

There are those among us who will abuse the generosity of the public, and take what they don’t need. We have ways of fixing that already. I don’t concern myself with them, and neither should anyone else. We should be concerning ourselves with the tens, if not hundreds of millions of people who through no fault of their own, are finding it hard to exist without assistance. And we should assist them. Period.

Did you know that on Nov. 2 of this year, a working family of 4 that qualifies for “food stamps”, will receive approximately $3.37 per person per day? That’s about $410 month. A small price to pay (even to thousands of frauds) to make sure no innocent child, senior citizen, or disabled neighbor goes hungry.

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Greg Strong – September 08, 2013 at 08:41AM

We can talk about the reality of war, having never been in the position of wondering if the family we wake with will be the same we lay down with at night. We can talk about what’s right or wrong, never being the ones who necessarily have to choose each day. We can hold up or castigate one side or the other, knowing nothing of the human costs of our decisions. We can decide to destroy human life, and then watch it happen from the comfort of 1,000’s of miles of distance. We can. And we will. For the correct reasons, or not.

Let’s try to remember that but for the grace of God (or luck of the draw if you prefer), it could be us. There is a real cost. And it’s often a large percentage of that human cost that ends up being completely innocent. Completely. Innocent.

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