My Thoughts August 16, 2017

Note: The following was posted originally on Facebook on August 16, 2017. I had been reviewing my timeline and had been processing more than one “not all of us”, “can’t we move on”, I’m not racist, but”, and “slavery is in the past” post. In a flurry of activity, I hammered out these thoughts in about a minute and a half on my phone. Here’ I’ve cleaned it up a bit, but the substance remains the same. Without further ado:

A review of Facebook this week is very revealing to me. Some of us are extremely uneducated white people. We don’t recognize our own supremacy, let alone our fragility. It’s not irreparable. Just stop complaining and whitesplaining. Black people and other people of color don’t want to hear it. And they don’t deserve the pain it inflicts. So stop.

Educate yourselves. Read. Watch. Listen. Hear.

Racism is real. Slavery, genocide, and war by white people against people of colorĀ harmed the generation it began in, and every generation since. And it continues. The list of reparations this country owes to people it’s harmed is enormous.

The Jim Crow South forced the migration of millions of black people across the country. To avoid lynching, rape, murder, etc. Racism, it turns out, is not a southern problem. It’s an America problem. The resulting laws produced the mass incarceration of poor black people that rivaled the number of slaves in 1850. Millions of people, whose first crime was not being born white.

Our War on Drugs. Vagrancy laws. Broken Windows. Stop and Frisk. Etc. Racist. Period.

If you disagree, don’t comment. I’m an intolerant person who won’t listen, no matter how hard you try to justify your own intolerance. Fortunately for me, history is on my side. And we’re tearing down flags and memorials to bigots and racists to prove it.

Sorry for your misfortune at having to wade through posts like this. How dare they waste our time.

I’m unfollowing and unfriending a bunch of folks most likely. You won’t notice. That might be the most enlightening part of this post.